Atomic Bomb Attack on Hiroshima through the eyes of Survivor Doctor Shuntaro Hida

Atomic Bomb Attack on Hiroshima through the eyes of Survivor Doctor Shuntaro Hida
Pic: Vice / the burning blogger of bedlam

Historical events do gives us pain and happiness. If it has wonderful memories then it also has some worst lessons to learn. Here we are sharing some of the details shared by survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb attack. He has shared this information at different times in different interviews.

1I got out of Hiroshima just in time to be saved from being directly hit.

2I saw a plane flying above Hiroshima in front of me.

3The first thing I saw was the light. It was so bright that I was momentarily blinded.

4 The skies were blue with no cloud in sight, but there was this bright red ring of fire high up in the skies above the city!

5The bomb released a 4,000-degree heat wave in the instant that it hit the ground. I panicked, covered my eyes, and lay low on the floor.

6I was witnessing the birth of a new sun. It was so perfectly round!

7I think I’m the only person who actually saw it with his own eyes and then wrote about the experience later.

8I was exposed to the radiation, but from a distance of just over three miles from the epicenter.

9I encountered the first victim halfway back to Hiroshima.

10We were allowed to treat the sick, but not to study their symptoms.

We wish such thing doesn’t happen again in future.

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