Carla Dulaney Hollywood Elementary school teacher strives for every child’s success !

carla-dulaney-hollywood-elementary-school-teacher-strives-for-every-childs-success Video Screengrab

Carla Dulaney is an amazing teacher who teaches third grade math at Hollywood Elementary in Jackson County.She has created an impact on parents and students, and also on the school’s principal as well.

Her Principal Michael Wilborn is all for words for her .

She mentions that Mrs Dulaney is great with kids and focuses on each and everyone and goes above and beyond, making them feel special and important.Her ACT Aspire scores has been in top three every single year since the time its been introduced.

Mrs. Dulaney became nearly speechless when she was awarded with $319 as part of Tools for Teachers program.

She was overwhelmed, surprised, and felt very honored too on receiving the award.She feels that a lot more teachers out there also perform and  are just as deserving as she is .Her daily mission is to help mold her kids for future development.  Student success is her number on priority.

She feels being a teacher is very tough and involves huge responsibility.It is very serious job. She talk s to her students about their future and their future goals and what they need to succeed .She feels education helps in reaching that goal of a student.It helps them to live the life that they want.

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