Damini- 19 year girl from Raipur without arms has set a world record in painting

Pic: thebetterindia.com

It is very rare to see youngsters like Damini in this world. This magnificent painter from Raipur without arms has now set a world record in painting and she is now spoken in high regards by many all over. Sensational isn’t it!!

It is amazing to see her com her hairs and paint pictures without hands and not everybody could do it. She is very determined in her life and has never let her physical issues to stand in her way to glory.

It is superb to note that this Damini does all works using her feet and toes. According to her painting is her passion and she does it using her feet and toes and is very different from others who paint using their arms and fingers.

Damini has caught the attention of many now because she has painted most drawings using her toes in an hour and that is 38. By this she has now found her name in the coveted Golden Book of World records. Not only in painting she is amazing even in studies also this girl has done remarkably well and even got 80% in tenth class examinations and has surprised many around her.

According to Damini her mother has supported in her life and she is now grateful to her mother. She spoke of her mother and said her mother was determined to give Damini good education and also wanted Damini to be independent as it would be good for her.

It must be noted that her mother Madhuri Sen learnt to write using her toes and later taught that to her daughter Damini. Superb Damini!!

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