Great Inspiration from Diversity Expert Miranda Brawn – Her Quotes on Diversity, Self-Confidence and Building Skills

Great Inspiration from Diversity Expert Miranda Brawn – Her Quotes on Diversity, Self-Confidence and Building Skills
Pic Credit: Mixed Race Studies

Miranda Brawn is famous Diversity Expert, Investment Banker & Lawyer.  She is named ‘Point of Light’ by UK PM Theresa May for her inspirational voluntary work. The letter sent to Miranda Brawn by PM Theresa May mentions something like this:

“Your tireless commitment to increasing opportunities for future leaders from ethnic minority communities is changing lives. As well as inspiring young people with your own story, the very practical support you are providing through your foundation is supporting young people to go as far as their talents will allow and showing them that there should be no barriers to achieving their potential.”- UK Prime Minister Theresa May

Here we are sharing some of the inspirational quotes shared by Miranda Brawn in her various interviews to media houses in the past.

1Take a stand

A good start is to raise your voice and raise the awareness about this issue (diversity) within your own community and/or company.

2Patience pays

Achieving a senior leadership role will not happen overnight. Stay focused and be patient.

3Self-confidence is must

Believe in yourself and exercise confidence.

4Skills are important

Develop your skill base, learn and increase your knowledge to increase your confidence

5Benefits of networking

Fortunately, I have an amazing supportive network who have guided and advised me throughout my career.

6Start early

I have been doing diversity work for the last 18 years. It all started when I was working in investment banking.

7Believe in actions

I have focused on letting my hard work do the talking in my career.

8Motivation works

I know how important it is to have role models in order to inspire you.

9Every field has its own challenges

I think there are challenges for everyone regardless of their gender and race to succeed in law as it is one of the most competitive fields to enter which includes investment banking.

10Thinking globally

I want to do everything that I can to help increase diversity not only in Britain, but globally!

11See the dreams and work for them

I would like to see an equal and diverse society where diversity is not even a talking point because the goals of today’s diversity champions have been achieved.

12Be a visionary

I would like to see real equality and inclusion in the 21st Century.

13Professional studies are helpful

My studies provided me with the fundamental business concepts and academic tools that have enabled me to succeed in a business environment.

14You are the one who builds your life

No one will invest their trust or confidence in you if you cannot invest it in yourself.

15Work for an initiative

Setting diversity targets enables the success of any diversity initiative.

16Mother’s inspiration

She’s (mother) been such a great support to me. She’s my inspiration and it will be amazing for her to accompany me.

17Anyone is capable to do anything

That said, being a female and from an ethnic background, I have proven that it is possible to overcome challenges with the right amount of drive, intelligence and determination.

18Experience matters

The most optimistic and intelligent way to look at your career is to collect experiences throughout your career, whether that be with a few employers or ten, with one business function or five or in one country or three.

19Selfless work

There are far too many people who burn out and age rapidly due to burning the candle at both ends and not looking after themselves.

20Invest in you

There are huge benefits gained from investing in business and management training.

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