Hindi Bollywood Movie which Inspire Women to Learn & Get Education

Education is the key to everything in today’s world.  By education, we mean learning new things and not just getting a degree. With the development of our society, it is also important for the women of the society to develop themselves through educational power. Here are a few movies that inspire women to exercise their right to education.

Nil Battey Sannata

A mother and daughter attend school together, struggling through low income, social pressure, and emotional dilemma throughout, in this critically acclaimed movie. This inspirational movie sends out a strong message for all those who have the zest to learn.


English Vinglish

How important is it in today’s world to know the English language? Very! English Vinglish is a masterpiece that shows how a mother and small time entrepreneur faces many challenges and masters the language. It  shows how a mother despite all the hardships, forgets her age and attempts to learn  something new.



Rural India faces a lot of problems even today and girl child education is definitely one of the major problems today. This movie highlights how Mohan Bhargava and Gita struggle very hard to ensure that girls enrol in the local school and continue with their education. The movie motivates the rural crowd to send their daughters to study and shape their lives in a better way.


2 States

This movie revolves around two IIM graduates and their inter caste relationship that seeks marriage. However, what the movie also portrays is the strong willed Ananya who makes a very successful career for herself on the basis of her education. This movie definitely motivates many young girls to continue seeking higher education for a fruitful career!



Physically able or not, education is every woman’s right. Black is a very inspiring movie by Sanjay Leela Bhansali that shows how a blind and deaf Michelle earns a graduation degree despite failing multiple times. This movie can be termed as one of the best motivational films of all times, showing that there can be no excuse for not learning and that nothing that cripple you so much that you cannot try to learn.


Main Hoon Na

This movie does tell the tale of two half-brothers. But what cannot be missed in this flick is the role of two women- Sanjana who is a student and Miss Chandini who is a chemistry professor. Both these women are seen to take education very seriously and have inspired many lives to take the degree seriously!


Do Dooni Chaar

While the main plot of the movie revolves around underpaid professors, the movie talks volumes about importance of education. Despite coming from a middle class family, Rishi Kapoor’s character constantly motivates his children to be a law abiding citizen and to give education extreme importance in their lives.


Any time you feel that your degree is not worth the effort or that studies will do you no good, do take a break and catch up on one of these movies to get the much required push!

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