Janaki Ammal was the India’s first woman Phd in the subject of Botany

Pic: Alchetron

Not many get spoken in great esteem even after their death. Janaki Ammal is one such woman who has done remarkably in her life and she is spoken highly even after she had passed away. By being the first ever Indian to get the highest degree that is doctorate degree in the subject of Botany this Edavaleth Kakkat Janaki Ammal has done what many others did not do before. Outstanding isn’t it!!

It is important to note that she was born in the year 1897 and she breathed her last in the year 1984 and she was inspirational to many women who had achieved great success in their careers.

When going abroad to study was considered as a taboo for many men this amazing Janaki Ammal went to USA to do higher studies and broke the taboo. It is now said that this woman was highly courageous because she did research at a time when Germany was in war with London and it was in London this woman was busy in her works.

It must not be forgotten that she did her schooling in Kerala and later went to Madras Presidency to do her degree in Queen Mary’s College and later Honours degree in botany in the year 1921 from the famous Presidency College.

It must be noted that at the age of just 28 in the year 1925 this woman went to USA and did MS from the renowned University of Michigan and she was helped by Barbour scholarship from the university. It was in 1931 Janaki Ammal went to the same university to do doctorate studies and she was sensational. Hats off!!

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