Manjita Vanzara- Former fashion designer cum engineer is now doing greatly as Police Officer

Manjita Vanzara- Former fashion designer cum engineer is now doing greatly as Police Officer
Pic: Dainik Bhaskar

Assistant Commissioner of Police Manjita Vanzara has grabbed the attention of many and is spoken hugely by many. It is sensational to note that this ACP has been doing greatly in providing help to many women who were caught in the bootlegging business.

It is interesting to mention here that Manjita Vanzara surprised many around her after becoming a fashion designer and that after studying engineering degree at the famous Nirma University. It is known that the Civil services exams are tough and not many could clear it successfully. But this Manjita stunned many when she later on cleared successfully the Civil Services examination and she was given Assistant Commissioner.

One important piece of information about her is she had completed her master’s degree in flying colours and was spoken in high esteem by many. What stood out all these years was her great determination combined with intensive hard work and dedication.

According to Manjita Vanzara her parents did superbly in her life and they made her to experience the pain of common man. This made her to understand the problems in the lives of many people.

It is really sensational the her programme titled “Suraksha Sahay’’ is appreciated by many for its remarkable work of helping many women plus she was also responsible for improving their living standard by means of stipend.

This Manjita Vanzara is of the opinion that money is not everything in life but doing good for the welfare of many women is very important. Great!!

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