Patna based Indu Singh has founded vocational training institute for women and is helping many women to become teachers


It is rare to see women like Indu Singh in our lives. This Indu Singh from Patna has been a amazing teacher for nearly 25 years and has been responsible for many students reaching high levels in their lives.

It is now said in all these years as a teacher she had been constantly interacting with parents of the students and especially mother of the students and the interaction would be mostly about their children’s progress in education etc.
It must be noted that this Indu Singh at this point of time realized that mothers also needed to be educated like their kids.

It is now revealed that mothers needed motivation in their lives and must be given encouragement to do something effective in their lives and it would be of great benefit for the mothers in future. At this juncture she started vocational training institute for women called ‘’Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra’’. For this she even resigned her job as principal of a school in 2012.

What initially started as training course for women to get the job of nursery teachers rose to a superb level and now this institute is providing many women many computer based courses plus tailoring courses and has been superb.

It is superb that the institute regards women as the one who has got infinite power and potential and the superb piece of information that is available now is this institute has played its part in training as many as 600 women. This 56 year old Indu Singh inspires many now. Superb Indu Singh!!

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