Prince Kumar Tiwari- This Man from Mumbai is Enrolling Many Street Kids in Schools


Not many in this society can be like this Prince Kumar Tiwari of Mumbai. When most of us are concerned about our own kids here a man is doing sensationally for the sake of many street children. By this he has now become cynosure of many eyes all over.

It is awesome to hear that till now he has been involved in enrolling as many as 49 street kids in English medium schools. It is worthy to mention that his NGO in Kandivali in Mumbai has been doing this superb work for many street children.
It is now said that the children’s living under the Western express Highway in chaotic surroundings were noted by this Prince Kumar Tiwari.

It is interesting to note that this Prince Kumar tiwari is a student of the prestigious Thakur College of Science and Commerce in Mumbai and during his trips in train saw some kids drenched in rain water. He then approached the kids to know about them. To his surprise they said they were interested in education and wanted to go to school.

A this juncture he thought of doing something for these street kids in their education and thus he and his best friend Payal started to take classes for these kids before they went to their college. It is superb to note that he approached some private schools nearby so that children’s could be enrolled in schools but the kids were denied admission.

It was after he approached his college management for some financial aid for these kids he launched NGO of his own for these street kids. Thus NGO titled ‘’Teresa’’ came into being and is doing amazing work of enrolling many street children’s in schools for their education. Awesome Prince Kumar Tiwari!!

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