Rajni Saini has left her career to educate women and girls of rural Uttar Pradesh

Pic: thelogicalindian.com

How many of us would leave our careers for the sake of others? A girl named Rajni Saini is different and she has done that and she is inspirational to many in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Life was never easy for this determined girl Rajni Saini. It must be noted that she lost her loving dad when she was very young but that has not come in her way of her education. It is amazing that she finished BTech successfully.

This Rajni Saini is now noticed by many and is appreciated all over because she has left her career as an engineer and is now involved in education women and girls of rural Uttar Pradesh. According to her a women must stand in her own feet and for this education is very important for a woman.

It is now said that Rajni Saini was inspired by her father in social work and she does it superbly. Disha Sewa Sansthan is doing tremendous work these days in educating many women and Rajni Saini joined this organization so that literacy could be spread. It is great to mention here that she had trained as many as 250 women and girls and her training in retail, stitching and banking etc have changed lives of many women and girls in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.

She is of the view that education makes human beings better and people could contribute towards making the country better and her mission to spread the message of education and its benefits is awesome. Hats off!!

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