Ram Kumar Shinde- This MBA graduate with humble background has made sensationally in the food business

Ram Kumar Shinde- This MBA graduate with humble background has made sensationally in the food business
Pic: thenewsminute.com

Ram Kumar Shinde coming from a humble poor family and becoming highly successful in life has been spoken in high esteem by many now. It is not every other day we see persons like this Ram Kumar Shinde. This Ram Kumar Shinde has now shown what determination and fighting spirits are about by his successful business journey.

The perseverance plus resilience shown by this youngster has caught many by surprise now. This Ram Kumar Shinde who now has two flourishing food business in Jubilee Hills and in Nampally in Hyderabad is a MBA graduate who once was not able to take proper decision regarding whether he wanted to go for job or take up his father’s business is now highly successful entrepreneur.

His roadside stall titled “Ram Ki Bandi’’ is tremendous and has got regular customers. It was in the year 1989 this Rams bandi or cart came into being as it was purchased by his dad. Even at the age of just eight this Ram Kumar Shinde was very eager to know about dosas and idlis made.

It must be noted that in the beginning this Ram Kumar did not thought he would be highly successful like now but worked with determination and his hard work paid off well. It is now revealed by him that there were not many customers those days and he was able to make just Rs 100 in a day.

He was then supported by his family members to huge extent. Initially normal dosas made did not go well with the customers and he soon made dosas with butter, cheese and paneer.

This Ram Kumar Shinde is now inspiring many around him with his creative thoughts and is sensational.

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