Shegufta Huma – Political Science Student is now the Rhodes Scholar for the year 2017

Pic: The University of Kansas

A Bangladeshi- American has caught the attention of many for being selected as one amongst 32 American Rhodes Scholars now. Superb isn’t it!!

This girl Shegufta Huma of age 23 is a student from the renowned University of Kansas and belongs to political science department. It is superb that she is now one amongst 32 students selected to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for 2017 and she is now praised by many for her achievement which many students could not even imagine in their lives.

It is now said that ‘’Cecil Rhodes Trust’’ declared the scholarships for the year 2017 on 19th of November 2016 and all the expenses for the two or three years of studies at the famous Oxford University in England would be taken up by this superb Rhodes Scholarship.

According to Mr Elliot Gerson who is American secretary of Rhodes Trust this award is the oldest and best known award for studies in abroad and it is also famous academic scholarship given to graduates from American colleges.

Some of the famous personalities who have received this prestigious Rhodes Scholarships were Bill Clinton, Susan Rice Sagarika Ghosh etc. It is now said that a total of 95 students would receive this scholarship in this year and that is superb. It is superb that Shegufta Huma from 2013 served University Senate plus and in the year 2015 she also served as vice-president and was spoken highly. Another interesting piece of information about this Shegufta Huma is she can speak fluently in six different languages. Awesome Shegufta Huma!!

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