Sonam Wangchuk- 44 year old engineer from Ladakh has now won the prestigious ‘’Rolex Awards for Enterprise’’ for his awesome thinking

Pic: Techradar

One award that is recognized highly by many is this Rolex Awards for Enterprise and is sponsored by the famous wristwatch company of Switzerland named ‘’Rolex’’. It must be noted that these special awards are given to persons who have contributed greatly in the fields like science, technology, innovation plus other areas like discovery, exploration etc.

It is important to note that this award was first started in the year 1976. It must be noted that every year five Laureates and five Associate Laureates would be selected for the award. It is superb that as many as 115 laureates have got selected to achieve this superb award given by Rolex till 2011.

Recently Sonam Wangchuk who is a n engineer in Ladakh won this prestigious award and the superb piece of information that would bring cheers on many Aamir Khan fans all over is he was the source of inspiration behind this superb actor Aamir Khan’s role in the film named ‘’3 Idiots’’.

This film was sensational hit all over the globe and raked huge money at the box office counters is known now. This award is given in New York for those persons who have created awesome impact in the world with their superb thoughts plus dynamism. It is great to hear that this 44 year old Sonam Wangchuk did superbly to build Ice Stupas in Ladakh that is roughly at an altitude of 3500 metre where shortage of water in the months of April and May and his building of Ice Stupas were amazing for agriculture. Superb Sonam Wangchuk!!

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