Staff Selection Commission – Students Hopes and Dreams

Staff Selection Commission – Students Hopes and Dreams
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Short introduction:

SSC is nothing but the staff selection commission which is a popular organisation working under the Indian government to recruit the staffs for different posts in the several departments of Government sectors.

Though this commission was formed about 50 years ago in order to conduct examinations to recruit the lower posts, but later it was reformed in the personnel and administrative departments.

Every year this trustworthy organisation conducts an examination where students from graduate level can appear and prove their merit to hold a post that everyone dreams for.  To build up a secure career and a bright future possibilities students from a different region of this country apply for the SSC entrance.

From the very beginning of this commission, it has served well to the employees and gave the job of the group B and group C posts in the sectors of the ministries with a great amount of pay scale. For many reasons, the recruitment process of SSC has been popular for everyone who has a crave to get the jobs through the SSC entrance exams.

Why the recruitment through SSC has gained popularity among the mass

This examination is for all the students who have completed their graduation or have already pursued a bachelor degree from any recognised university or institution. The SSC exams are taken in all the states and is named like Haryana SSC recruitment- the SSC of Haryana-in this way.

There is only two level of examination to get hired, and the employees are offered with great opportunities. The rising number of the applicant of SSC conducted examinations are the proof of the popularity of the  latest SSC recruitment.

  • Security of the Job:

The jobs provided by the Central government is more secure than any other jobs. The most interesting fact is that this sector is totally recession proof. Unlike the jobs of private firms, and IT sectors, the stability of the government job is guaranteed.

The job prospects of the public sectors remain unaffected by the supply forces and demand that  prevail in the market of jobs.

  • Stability in finance:

It is one of the important factors an employee finds in a job when he/she is applying for jobs. As the jobs in the government sectors are permanent, the financial stability also comes with that.

The government never fails to pay or withholds the salary of the employees at the end of the month. The payments are always made on expected time in the corresponding bank accounts of the staffs.

  • Promotions:

A great thing about the latest SSC recruitment is the promotions for the higher level of jobs. The promotions are for those who have spent a certain time with their jobs and based on the experiences with the jobs the employees are fairly rewarded. All it matters for a timely promotion is the seniority of the posts.

  • Pay scales and the increments:

The 7th pay commission has been implemented who look after the salary structures of the central government workforce. So the employees get an extra advantage of being paid higher amount whenever increment happens. These way the central government jobs have become very much lucrative.

  • Showing equality:

The  latest SSC recruitment is giving the equal opportunities to the employees working in the same post. It is not gender biased, or it does not have any caste discriminated systems in their systems. The recruitments are done very much transparently, and the selection is done on the basis of the performance in the two level entrance organised by the commission.

  • Balanced life-

The applicants who have cracked the latest SSC recruitment examinations are more happy with their works as they get a healthy work environment and a great balance in professional and personal lives. The government provides enough time to rectify the personal faults in the working field which helps much in personal improvement.

  • Socially establishment-

The persons who have established themselves in the central government jobs through SSC examinations are more confident with their work background. The jobs through the SSC entrance gives not only a high pay scale, or a guarantee of safety, but also a social esteem that is associated with their corresponding posts.

It may be the first step for many employees to go forward towards being the dream of a gazetted officer. Many employees have passed the entrances like Haryana SSC recruitment examinations and are highly established with their posts in government sector.

  • The regional division of recruitment:

The different states in India, the staff selection commission is formed in order to provide government job in those states. Like that the Haryana SSC Recruitment Commission is formed by the Government of Haryana, which handeles all the jobs from Haryana SSC . The initial pay scale is starting from 5200+ that is for the group C posts.

In this way, with the dedicated cooperation of the state government such as Haryana SSC recruitment systems, the job finders have reached their dream and goals that are fulfilling the employee’s demands and requirements.

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