Student from IIT Kanpur got Rs 1.5 Crore Job offer from Microsoft

Pic: YouTube

Some students do exceptionally well in their studies in prestigious institutions and get recognized for their hard work. It must be noted that a student from the renowned IIT Kanpur has got job offer from Microsoft and he would get mammoth Rs 1.5 crores as his salary. Remarkable isn’t it!!

The great piece of information that has come out is this salary offered to him is the highest ever salary offered to any student from IIT Kanpur. It is well known that Microsoft has got its office headquarters at Richmond in USA and this student would be located at that office. It is now revealed that his work would involve designing a software and implement it and fixing the bugs present in that software.

It is superb to hear that this Delhi based student from IIT Kanpur would get $ 136000 or around 94 lakhs as his basic pay plus he would also get $ 70000 for relocation plus medical expenses plus visa charges and some shares. The total comes to Rs1.5 crore. This student expressed his happiness regarding his job offer in Microsoft and said software job is the best and is the flavour of the placements.

It is important to mention here that as many as 200 companies were listed for placements this year. One great piece of news that has come out is Amsterdam based company named Flow Traders participated in the campus placements for the first time. Great news!!

Article Source: TOI

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