Top 10 Qualities of a Motivational Speaker

Top 10 Qualities of a Motivational Speaker

So many people ask me – Yogesh, how can I too become a top motivational speaker? Here are the most important qualities needed to be a successful motivational speaker! – Yogesh Chabria, Renowned Motivational Speaker & Author

Some of the greatest people throughout history have been motivational speakers. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and even Steve Jobs were all motivational speakers.

I say this because they inspired and motivated millions of people with their words. For Mahatma Gandhi, it was setting that spark in over 350 million people to fight for independence with non-violence.

Martin Luther King inspired hundreds and thousands of people to achieve a dream of equality and Steve Jobs captured the imagination of millions of people all over the world to not only buy his products, but display a fierce brand loyalty. Great military generals, CEOs, Salespeople and even Prophets are all in the business of motivating their people to achieve incredible goals. They motivate people to take action.

Here are the top 10 qualities of the best motivational speakers all over the world:

1Practice What You Preach

The best motivational speakers in the world have mastery over their subject. They have practical experiences and actually practice what they preach. To be effective, the first thing you need to do is practice and experience what you are speaking about.

So for example, in order to inspire people to be happy, passionate, healthy and motivated, you first need to be all those things yourself. Practice is much more powerful than theory!


The message should be simple and easy for everybody to understand. The simpler the message and language, the more people can understand and benefit from it. I always make my message very simple so that people of all age groups, as young as 12 till people over 100, can benefit from it.

I also love speaking the language my audience understands. So many a times, along with English, I speak in Hindi, if I am speaking in India or in French if I am in France. 


Always put yourselves in the shoes of the person you are speaking to. Find out what is it that they really want and make sure you help them achieve their goals – this is the power of empathy.

When you are empathetic towards the other person, you automatically make a connection and a strong bond. This helps in a big way.

4Super Entertaining

Every motivational speaker has to be entertaining. If you can make people laugh and have fun, you will touch a deeper cord. People learn the most when they are being entertained.

For example, during our seminars, people have so much fun that they love what is being shared and want to learn even more.

Nobody wants to listen to someone who is boring and people immediately stop paying attention and move onto Whatsapp and Facebook on their cellphones.


Without passion, there can be no real success. For me to convey my message, people need to feel my belief and passion. They need to feel that I truly want to help and empower them. They need to feel that I am there to bring about incredible change.

All this can only happen with passion. Two people can say the same words, and yet one person has incredible impact, while people ignore the other. Great impact comes only with passion.

6Power To Listen

The greatest communicators in the world don’t just speak, but listen to what people want. If you don’t listen to your audience, people will tune out. You need to not just listen to words, but also be able to sense the body language and what the deepest desires are.

A two way communication is very important for success of any motivational speaker and often listening is more important than speaking.

7Story Teller

Stories have immense power. The most powerful lessons become fun, entertaining and have a long lasting impact when told through the form of stories.

I remember how as a child, I heard stories of Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ, which taught me about living life without fear, being compassionate and having love for all.


People’s attention spans are short and yet they love our Happionaire seminars and events which can go on for 2 hours to over 20 hours. This is because they are completely immersed and engaged in the experience. They don’t realize how time flies because their mind is continuously being stimulated.

We have incredible experiences that are both indoors and outdoors and bring about a positive team spirit. Recently at one of our events, within less than 2 minutes, we had a group of over 2000 people laughing, playing and connecting with each other. This changed the entire energy of the room from seriousness to that of excitement and passion.

Great motivational speakers involve everyone and don’t just speak, but create an interactive experience.


To be a successful motivational speaker, you need to be a master of persuasion and influence. You need to be able to convince and persuade people to take action to achieve their goals.

Sometimes you need to persuade people to take action to increase their sales and at other times, you need to persuade people to be motivated and develop leadership skills. Persuasion is a very valuable asset.

10SALES (Smile And Love Everyone Sincerely) ™ Mastery

My biggest success secret as a motivational speaker is SALES (Smiles And Love Everyone Sincerely)™ Mastery.

Without this, you can’t reach the maximum number of people and can’t have real impact. Whenever I have a client, my first thought is always to keep their interest first and bring in maximum results that can change the lives of people.

This can happen only when you truly care about the other person’s needs. This is, in fact, also the secret of my SALES Mastery strategy.

Go ahead, take action and tell me which one of the above qualities gave you the maximum results. I will be happy to hear from you!

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries.

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