Vinod Gupta- This former student of IIT Kharagpur Gifted $ 90,000 to his college

Vinod Gupta- This former student of IIT Kharagpur Gifted $ 90,000 to his college
Pic: Wikimedia

When people these days are highly selfish and forget their schools,colleges that provides them superb education a man named Vinod Gupta is different. This Vinod Gupta is a former student of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur or IIT Kharagpur and he belonged to the year 1967 batch.

Friday January 13th in the year 2017 would always be remembered by the IIT Kharagpur people for the simple reason that Vinod Gupta gifted a sensational $ 90,000 as it was the 50th year of his graduation from this very popular educational institute.

It must be noted that this Vinod Gupta studied Agriculture from IIT Kharagpur and he did amazingly in his career and went on to hold positions as high as CEO of many companies in USA.

It is sensational that he was appointed by none other than President Bill Clinton to serve as trustee of John Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. As US consul general to Bermuda he made stupendous contributions.
In the year 1993 he made many heads turn in awe when he gifted staggering $ 2 million to IIT-Kharagpur so that the institute could begin first ever business school. Vinod Gupta School of Management took shape in IITK and was spoken highly by many.

According to Vinod Gupta contributing to the growth of IIT Kharagpur gives great satisfaction to him as it was here he first learnt his profession and this IIT Kharagpur was responsible for his worldwide recognition. It is awesome to mention that he also played huge role in the establishment of Law school in IIT Kharagpur. Great!!

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